If you're reading this, I want to start by saying thank you, for your interest and in finding this space. As a bike enthusiast with a serious case of OCD, it was only natural for me to become a framebuilder. After building my first frame, while studying at the United Bicycle Institute, I knew this was the right path for me. Since then I've enhanced my skills while working alongside other skilled framebuilders and experimenting with the best high-end steel tubing available. I've also studied under the great master Koichi Yamaguchi. Sensei Koichi has given me skills I've never imagined I could have as a framebuilder. I am very confident that, if you choose to build with me, I will build you the best quality frame you can dream of. 

All frames are fillet brazed using high end steel from, but not limited to, Columbus, Dedacciai and True Temper. Every bike is carefully taken into consideration of its purpose, geometry and fit to its owner. I like to create an organic relationship with all my customers, and I believe it is extremely important to be in constant communication with each client to assure everything is purposefully thought out and taken care of prior to, and during the build process.


I treat each bike as if it is mine until I send it off to its new owner with its proper blessing. 

To every one of you future owners of an Arawak bicycle, know that everything has been aligned through the universe in your favor. TainoTi!

Super Daev Rodriguez
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